Kinney Creek Brewery

Weve Changed Med City Prohibition... Youre welcome.


First official brewery in Rochester, Minnesota since the Prohibition! A local experience of an ancient craft!

Rochester, Minnesota’s LAST brewery was shut down in 1922 due to the extreme restrictions of Prohibition. After discovering that Rochester had no local brewery, Donovan Seitz decided to pave the way by initiating reform of the alcohol laws in Rochester. The result was the founding of Kinney Creek Brewery, which opened just 2 days after national “Repeal Day”; the anniversary of Prohibition’s end in 1933. As you can imagine, changing laws takes time, but it was well worth it for the delicious hand-crafted brews that are being poured at Kinney Creek.

Today we are committed to bringing the community the freshest and best craft beer; and bringing some fun to Rochester as well! Come on down and join us for a beer or two, a flight, or even just some good old fashion conversation! Learn how the brewing process works and what happens behind the scenes. Check out our ever-evolving events that take place here at Kinney Creek whether it be the music scene, food trucks, or just plain ol’ everyday specials that are surely anything but plain.

So come on down and enjoy the experience that is, Kinney Creek Brewery!


Welcome to Kinney Creek Brewery!

1016 7th Street NW

Rochester, Minnesota  

(507) 282-BREW (2739)

             Taproom Hours

    Sun-Thurs: 12pm-10pm

    Fri-Sat:       12pm-12am

             Off Sale Hours:

    Every Day:  12pm-10pm

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