In 1922 Rochester, Minnesota’s last production brewery was shut down due to that dark time in United States history known as The Prohibition.


In 1933, Prohibition was repealed, but beer did not flow from a production brewery in Rochester until December 7, 2012 when Donovan Seitz opened the doors of Kinney Creek Brewery.


While federal laws allowed commercial production brewing, it was still illegal in the city of Rochester. It took 2.5 years of working with the city to reform Rochester’s archaic alcohol laws, but Donovan persevered. 



This was a vital step in helping grow Rochester’s craft beer presence in a state that was gaining national attention for their craft beer scene.  Donovan closely observed how the rest of the state was evolving and was instrumental in encouraging the city to change the “Blue-Collar” off sale law, which prohibited selling craft beer after certain hours, as well as being able to purchase off-sale on Sundays.  Kinney Creek was also the first production taproom in Rochester to serve made-to-order food such as Hegges Pizza. Beer and pizza are meant to go together, don’t ya think?!


Today,  we have a Tap Room with 17 tap-lines of beer and 13 of Hard Seltzer. We have the flexibility to keep flagship beers, seasonal rotators and experimental batches flowing at all times.  We also have non-alcoholic options such as root beer and kombucha!  Everyone can find something that fits their flavor profile and each visit you may find something new to try!


Join us for a flight, a beer or two, pick up a growler, crowler, or perhaps come take a tour to see how we create our small batch fire-brewed beverages. You also might want to check out our ever-evolving events at Kinney Creek; whether it is the local music scene, organized events, community fundraisers, or our plain ol’ every day specials that are anything but plain.  We invite you to come and enjoy not only our beer, but also our welcoming, fun, and easy-going space.  








Who we are...

Kinney Creek is committed to bringing the community and visitors alike the freshest and best craft beer or hard seltzer.


This means we brew in smaller batches, that allows us to tweak recipes and try new techniques . . .

We changed Rochester’s Prohibition! You’re Welcome!

We are proud to be a family owned Nano-Brewery in Rochester - MN.

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